Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Quick Dinner: Crispy Skin Salmon, Garlic Mash, Whatever Salad

First and foremost, I need to stress that alike most of my recipes, this one relies greatly on guesstimation.

The way I see it, tastes differ and the best way to go about cooking is to take a taste of your food while you're cooking. This of course, I wouldn't recommend for baking which requires precision.

This meal took me about a half hour to cook and serves 2

What you will need

For the Salmon:
Salmon ( I had two pieces about 250g each)
Parsley flakes

Garlic Mash:
5 small potatoes
minced garlic
thickened cream

Whatever Salad:
Salad mix ( I had rocket, lettuce and spinach)
Garlic Aioli
Feta Cheese


Preparing the salmon takes no time at all. Rub some salt on both sides. With the skin facing upwards, rub some olive oil, squeeze some lemon and sprinkle on some parsley flakes.

Heat up a saucepan with enough oil to ensure the skin doesn't stick, or no oil at all if you've got a stonedine type non stick pan. Put on the salmon with the skin facing down. Cook on medium to low heat for 5-10 mins until the skin turns brown. While doing so, preheat the oven at 180 degrees celcius fan forced.

After removing the salmon from the heat, put on a baking tray/dish and into the oven with the skin facing up for 10 mins and it's done!

Garlic mash:

Prepare the potatoes and mash them as you normally would.
Heat up a sauce pan. Then add one teaspoon of garlic and about 1.5 cups of cream. Simmer on low heat till the garlic and cream combine.
Pour the sauce into your mash and stir well. 

Whatever Salad:

Mix your desired amount of all the ingredients I have listed above and you're done! Just a tiny bit of honey would counter the spiciness and bitterness of the rocket.

I apologise for the post being a little rushed through as I have quite a bit to get done tonight, but I hope that it makes for a great quick dinner idea for you girls. The bf cleaned his plate which is a rare sight that encouraged me to share this some-sort-of-a-recipe. Unfortunately I created this dish and cooked it quite hurriedly, failing to take note of the exact measurements of ingredients I used. However, I think cooking is meant to be fun and/or therapeutic, so just follow your senses and add the ingredients as you go.

Till next time, xoxo

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