Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Slim Spa Slim & Detox Green Tea

Slim Spa

Okay, change of plans. Upon buying Slim Spa Body Worx and reading the information presented on it, i decided to follow their advice and go for the detox before consuming the "supplements". 
I always comment about my sister buying every beauty product that anyone says is "very good" but i alike, buy the equivalent in weight loss products. It's day 3 of my drinking Slim Spa's Slim & Detox  Tea. 
I don't know how to put this across pleasantly but my bowel movements have not exactly improved. After my sister's attempts with a variety of detox teas, i expected to see myself visiting the ladies often. On the contrary, i feel constipated and bloated from so many cups of water + tea. Furthermore, i'm not exactly enjoying the herb-y taste of green tea.  Well then, 11 more days to go and then we be popping pills!

<3 Jacklyn

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