Monday, August 8, 2011

Slimspa Body Worx Tablets

Unlike the other posts, this isn't a review. Well, not yet it isn't. I'm actually going to embark on my Slim Spa journey. A little background about the product first...

The advertisements for this product has proven so effective that the $139/bottle of 90 tablets have been flying off the shelves. 

Claiming to: 
1. Eliminate sugar cravings
2. Block fat storage
3. Block starch
4. Accelerate fat loss
5. Direct nutrient re partitioning
6. Utilize fat first for energy
7. Control fluid balance
8. Enhance mood, energy and focus
9. Formulated for the South East Asian female body

Personally, the fact that its been sold out and point #9, made me get it. The part that annoys me is its price. Like all the other slimming pills i've purchased (extreme & nature-something), spending more on it then i would or have on any article of clothing irks me. But, but, but, I've put on so much weight in the past year (thank you mcdonalds) and even more so after taking up an exercise programme that i'm desperate for extra help. 

Having just purchased the Slim Spa Body Worx tablets, i shall be treating this space as my 12 day journal with the product. That's right 90 pills to be consumed in 12 days. 2 before breakfast, 3 before lunch and 2 before dinner. That's almost $1.50/pill or $10.50/day. 

So girls, before you decide the purchase the product, let me be your guinea pig and follow my journey! 

Hope this works, a least a teeny bit!

<3 Jacklyn


  1. Hi , im interesed in this slimspa body worx too , please give me your review whether it works anot :)and did you take the detox pill ?
    Do mail me at
    thanks alot !

  2. hi, hope to know how is ur journey with body worx? does it works?

    thank you

  3. Hi Khalida,

    Personally, i don't feel that it is useful. I am non-atheletic and the type of body that needs to work out twice as hard to lose all the stubborn fat. I feel that it does make you go to the toilet and sustain your current weight but it does not induce weight loss, at least for me it didn't.

    I'm sure you've heard this all before, but exercise is really the fastest (most tiring)and most effective way to lose weight.

    Then again, I am actually trying out kilo off now because my sister says it works!

    Also, I have written a detailed final review on the slim spa pills which you can read here:

    Thanks for visiting :)