Monday, October 3, 2011

Kilo Off

weiLast month, i decided to try this latest slimming supplement that was advertised in every magazine. It comes in different bottles to target different areas of fats you want to lose.

Presenting to you Kilo Off :
Slimming drink
I was told that if i were to use the "Kilo Off slimming" together with the "Kilo Off Flat Stomach", i would be able to gain the maximum benefit of shedding weight. Each bottle is to be consistently taken for 8 days. To me, i quite fancy the taste and easy use of this product. All i have to do is just pour the required amount on a cap, and drink it. Best part of it, its not like the usual slimming products where you will have stomachache. Kilo off uses natural product, therefore its more like replenishing your vitamins in the body to speed up your metabolic rate.
Anyway after taking this product for a week, i can conclude that "Kilo Off slimming" works to a certain extend as i have lost 1Kg and "Kilo Off flat stomach" does not work as my stomach still looks the same. As what my sis told me, the product state that is "KILO" not 'KILOS", therefore i can only lose a kg and not more than that. Lol.

Effectiveness: 3.5/5 stars. As i only lose 1 kg, however i like that fact that it doesn't give me stomachache.
Pricing: 4/5 stars ( $27.90 per bottle) as this is the cheapest slimming product i have known to date and it is only sold exclusively in Guardian pharmacy.

Hope you guys have a great week ahead.

<3 Jaime


  1. hey, any reviews for the kilo off? is it effective?

  2. Hi laceyshop. It is not very effective if u would like to lose at least 3kg or more. It does help in mainintaining your weight if you were to eat heavy meals. This product is cater towards more of maintaing current weight instead of losing.
    I drank about 5 bottles and even tried their sachet drinks,but only manage to lose 2kg.

  3. I've found it makes me much less hungry throughout the day and even after doing quite intensive exercise I didn't feel very hungry.

    It's pretty subtle effect but I have lost weight with this product (about 1 stone / 6.3 kg in a month)

  4. (I'm using the daily sachets available in the UK)

  5. Wow,thats a lot of weight u lost there. Congrats! I think for this product to be effective, one really must exercise during the period of consumption. I've tried the sachets once to, but there weren't any changes in my weight or body even though i didnt eat much for meals.