Wednesday, November 11, 2015

5 products I absolutely cannot live without or my beauty regiment will be disrupted and my life will be over!!!!!

HELLO! Sorry that we've been away for quite a while, it's the work and mundane things we have to do as humans to survive ): Anyway, onto the topic today, 5 products that I cannot live without, okay actually, more like 5 most useful beauty products. Let's get started!

1. Currently this is my no.1 go to for an every day touch of lip colour. A while ago, we did a tutorial on Korean ombre lips, lips that give you the petal- bitten gradient effect (wow). But personally, being a super lazy person by nature, I can never find the effort in me to apply foundation on my lips first then tint to achieve this look. I mean, who has lots of time nowadays?! And also, being a foodie, when I eat, I really don't want to taste foundation in my mouth. Luckily, for me and for those of you who are like me or for some reason can't do it, a Korean brand - VDL cosmetics, has come up with a solution! It is called the Triple Shot Tint Bar!

If I'm not mistaken, they come in four colours, Triple Pink, Triple Red, Triple Peach and Triple Burgundy (an even darker shade of red). I use the triple pink! Each tube looks like this:

The interesting part is when I open the tube: 

When applying to your lower lip, the brown part should be at the bottom with the brightest pink at the top then flipping it the other way when applying on the top lip. Applying it this way, horizontally, will give you a pretty ombre lip in just one smooth slide!

This product, is more of a lip balm than a lipstick, pretty moisturising but not SUPER moisturising, staying power is not that good though, but I mean, after all it is still a lip balm.

You can get yours right here:

2. Okay this is my second in command for lips, especially when I go out for important events where you have to dress prim and proper. Personally, I don't usually like applying lipstick but ever since I found this one, I've wanted to apply it on my lips every single day, even on the days that I spend at home, because of how it feels on my lips. The product I'm talking about is the Rubi Lip Crayon:

I find that most people don't pay much attention to the makeup brands that come from brands that are mostly well known for their clothings. This lipstick was an impulse buy but it's probably one of the best impulse buys I've ever made. The application is extremely smooth (oooohlalaaaa), it glides like a swan, not matte but not too glossy or shiny either.

The only negative thing about this lipstick is that it stains things really easily like with all other red lipsticks but other than this, I have absolutely no complains at all.

3. A couple of posts back, we sweared on an acne solving product called acne clear, today, another product I swear on is the Etude House - AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot.

These three things come in a set, which means they even give you the cotton buds. When you have a horrible pimple that you want to get rid of, what you do is dip the cotton bud straight into the bottle on the left (for nighttime use) and the cotton bud will come up pink because there's pink powder that settles at the bottom of the bottle in the liquid. Then, apply the product right on your pimple, the pink powder will settle and dry up on your skin, I swear that on following day or in two-three days, your pimple will BE GONE. LIKE MAGIC. The one on the right is for daytime usage, instead of a pink power settling on your face, it's more of a sheer covering that you can cover up with makeup and go about your normal day!

4. Skin Food's Black Sugar Mask

I know you can't see from the picture but the texture of it is gritty with exfoliating properties. The grits are really sugar (I've accidentally tasted them)!! This product reminds me of the exfoliating product for your lips to scrub off dead skin, this Black Sugar Mask does the same except that it's for the face. I usually use this product when I have an acne breakout, the sugar bits might be too harsh at first but the more water you mix with the product, the more the granules will dissolve, the oils in this also ensures that your skin doesn't dry out. Immediately after rinsing off, the first noticible thing is that the texture of my skin has amazingly become baby bottom soft and silky smooth. I'm not even exaggerating. Okay, maybe a bit. But it's really phenomenal. No joke.

5. Lastly, every good house has a good foundation and my face is covered with my trusty BB cream: IOPE Air Cushion XP

Usually in Singapore when we say BB Cushion, we think of the Laneige brand. But for me, IOPE Air Cushion XP gives a really nice dewy and glowing radiance that most k-actors have. It is hydrating without being cakey and is light and cooling. However, this BB cream, like most products, has its flaws, after a while in this tropical heat and humidity, blemishes will start to show minimally. Although the I would like for it to have full coverage, it sadly only has medium. I think this BB cream would be a winner for those with normal to dry skin.

Okay! That's all for today! Thanks so much for reading and good luck!

- Audrey!

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