Saturday, April 25, 2015

Daiso 3 Steps DIY gradient nails

I love having pretty nails, how about you ladies? I have always been in love with all the gradient nail art and I was so happy to purchase this from Korea's Daiso.

This was sold at 3000 won = SGD 3.80! Super cheap for a set of 3 nail polishes.

There were many other colors, but I decided to try the pink one out. I was actually skeptical at first as some Daiso products were of lousy quality, therefore I have only gotten one. However, I truly regret  not getting more of this as they do not sell this in Singapore, ( Perhaps they do but I have yet to search for it) and it's effect on my nails is really pretty <3

The first step would to be apply this baby pink color all over the nails.

Next, apply this baby pink glitter on the top half of your nails.

Finally, apply this dark pink glitter polish on 1/4 of your nails ( from the top) .

And here is the beautiful result. It is really pretty, fun and easy to apply.

I would definitely recommend any ladies going to Korea to get this. Trust me you would not regret it and it's comparable to Faceshop gradient nail polish set which costs 4X more than this which gives you the same effect. So why not save the money and get 4 different Daiso gradient nail polish sets?

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